A Special Mother

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Anne Ford, John-Richard Thompson
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All mothers experience worries and fears about their children, but none can compare with the early days when a mother feels something's not quite right. Anne Ford knows the feeling. She's had it herself, having raised a daughter with severe learning disabilities, and has gone on to share experiences with others during her many years as a volunteer with the National Center for Learning Disabilities. To bring comfort, support, and hard information to mothers-and fathers, too-in the early period surrounding the diagnosis, here is the book that Anne wishes she'd had years ago when she first received the news about her daughter and didn't know where to turn for the practical and emotional help she desperately needed. Filled with essential advice and the voices of other mothers whose children have LD and related disorders such as Asperger's and ADHD, A Special Mother lets parents know they are not alone and that they can help their child to thrive. This invaluable book addresses such matters as: Understanding Learning Disabilities and Related Disorders What Should You Do First? Interpreting Evaluation Results Resolving Disputes Special Fathers: They Are Out There The Social Side of LD Advocacy vs. Obsession How Are You Doing?: Taking Care of Yourself

Our Mum passed today 19th March 2014 at the age of 84. Over the last year, She suffered two to three strokes, fell and broke her hip and quite recently was diagnosed with lymphoma....

"Most of the time, child is not cooperative", says Rosy when asked about her experience as a special mother ... Mothers aren't special because they make every meal from scratch and knit wool socks and warm scarves. No, none of these define a special mama.