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Eric Small, Sheryl Swoopes
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Readable, practical, a much-needed resource—from a pediatric sports medicine specialist—the only book that focuses on all aspects of sports, exercise, nutrition, and physical activity for kids of all ages and abilities, from infancy through adolescence.One of the few pediatricians specializing in sports medicine, Dr. Small reminds us that children are not miniature adults; they are physiologically and psychologically different. Parents and coaches need to know what sports are suitable for which age, how to prevent and treat injuries, how to plan sports programs for children with chronic conditions such as asthma or diabetes, and the importance of good nutrition and exercise.Written, organized, and designed for easy reading and reference with Q&As, charts, instructional drawings, and a detailed index, Dr. Small's book addresses kids' needs from infancy through teenage, plus devotes one section to Sports for Every Kid: covering The Young Female Athlete, The Elite Athlete, The Unnatural Athlete, The Overweight Child, The Hyperactive Child, and the Child with a Chronic Disease.

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