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Ruth Brandon
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From acclaimed novelist and cultural historian Ruth Brandon comes a captivating dual biography of the legendary founders of the cosmetics industry, Helena Rubinstein and Eugène Schueller, creator of L’Oréal. Brandon’s gripping and sometimes disturbing story of gender, power, and politics stretches back from the darkest days of World War II, to the emergence of the modern fashion and makeup industries, with magazines such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan and game-changing product lines such as Avon and Mary Kay. Ugly Beauty resonates as well with its implications for modern culture, as we enter an era when haute couture and cosmetology exert an ever more powerful influence upon society at large.

P3's braids sometimes glitch to white. "Ugly Beauty" is an ambitious song that attempts to solve these dilemmas by diving into the concept of the "self" by using the story of the singer as a bridge and prototype. The song was released in 2018 by Jolin Tsai, an overwhelmingly sought-after female musical leader in Asia.

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