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Kathy Kaehler
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Celebrated trainer and the Today show fitness expert Kathy Kaehler is one of Hollywood's most sought-after fitness trainers. What Kathy has done for Julia Roberts, Michelle Pfeiffer, Drew Barrymore, Cindy Crawford, Alfre Woodard, Samuel L. Jackson, Penelope Ann Miller, and Claire Forlani, among many others, she will do for you. Teenage Fitness is your ultimate fitness source. Her mission is to keep you fit for life. Reflecting on her own body image and eating problems as a teenager, Kathy will show you how to have a healthy respect for your body.She offers essential fitness techniques necessary to look and feel your absolute best. You will learn:To appreciate your own beautyTo change your mind-setTo know and accept your body typeNineteen terrific eating tips to get you through your day What kind of eater you areThe 90/10 principle of pigging out Creative Fitness Suburban Fitness Urban FitnessFive-minute and twenty-minute workoutsWith Kathy's straightforward and practical fitness principles, you'll feel terrific about your body, your looks, and your life.

SERGIO ARAQUE - @SERGIIOFIT. Sergio Araque is a 17 years old teen fitness model.

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