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Flora Nwapa
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Written by Flora Nwapa after the Nigerian Civil War, "Never Again looks at her society at a time of war and she concentrates on the importance of Biafran women in sustaining their fighting men and the society in general. She depicts the extreme demands war makes on people and the book is all about survival on a personal and national level. As a novelist, critics have mainly acclaimed Ms. Nwapa for her forthrightness and honesty, whether it be dealing with the conflict between the sexes or the poisoning of social relationships in war-time". Alison Perry, West Africa Magazine. "Nwapa's novella Never Again (1975) is another landmark in Nigerian women's writing. Based on her personal experience in war-torn Biafra, it is the first war narrative written by an African woman." Chikwenye Okonjo Ogunyemi, Africa Wo/Man Palava: The Nigerian Novel by Women.

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