When a Parent Has Cancer

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Wendy S. Harpham M.D.
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At some point in our lives, many of us will face the crisis of an unexpected illness. For parents, the fear, anxiety and confusion resulting from a cancer diagnosis can be particularly devastating.When A Parent Has Cancer is a book for families written from the heart of experience. A mother, physician, and cancer survivor, Dr Wendy Harpham offers clear, direct, and sympathetic advice for parents challenged with the task of raising normal, healthy children while they struggle with a potentially life–threatening disease. Dr Harpham lays the groundwork of her book with specific plans for helping children through the upheaval of a parent's diagnosis and treatment, remission and recovery, and if necessary, confronting the possibility of death. She emphasises the importance of being honest with children about the gravity of the illness, while assuring them that their basic needs will always be met. Included is Becky and the Worry Cup, an illustrated children's book that tells the story of a seven–year–old girl's experiences with her mother's cancer.

If your mum or dad has cancer, getting the right information about their cancer may help you process the news and ... No one caused the parent to get cancer. (It's not the child's fault.) You can't catch cancer like a cold or the flu—it's OK to hug or kiss the person with cancer.

When your mum or dad is in hospital for treatment it becomes even more difficult. Even as an adult, learning that a parent has cancer is overwhelming. Those in the sandwich generation need to carry on responsibilities of their immediate family while also meeting the needs of their parent.