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Ryan Buell, Stefan Petrucha
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On the hit A&E series Paranormal State, Ryan Buell and his team of investigators delve deep into the mysterious world of ghosts, demonic disturbances, and sixth-sense sightings that shadows our everyday reality. Now, in this official companion book to the series, Buell takes you one step further, revealing the secrets of the show’s most intense cases and the shocking, never-before-told story of his own brush with the supernatural—the otherworldly experience that first inspired him to found the Paranormal Research Society.

Research society members explore mysteries, hauntings and ghostly appearances.

One of the most recognized paranormal societies in the nation, the PRS is made up of fellow seekers and warriors who have dedicated themselves to helping ... The intrepid investigators of Paranormal State decided to venture into the guido-ridden state of New Jersey and look for the infamous Jersey Devil. According to local folklore, a Pines resident known as Mother Leeds had 12 kids and when she found out she was pregnant with child number 13, she yelled out "Let this one be a devil!" Paranormal State's Ryan Buell Diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer Paranormal researcher Ryan Buell, the star of A&E's supernatural reality series Paranormal State, is battling pancreatic cancer ... The Paranormal State crew shares their thoughts and fears about their most extreme case of demonic possession to date.Subscribe for more Paranormal Statehttp... Step into the realm of the macabre with the supernatural sleuths of the Paranormal Research Society (PRS) of Penn State University, Ryan Buell and his dedicated detectivesare ordinary college kids with some extraordinary extracurricular activities.