Friend or Frenemy?

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Andrea Lavinthal, Jessica Rozler
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How do you finally break free from a fair-weather bud who flees the scene as soon as a new guy comes around? How do you know which friends make it into your framily? With tips for making and breaking, maintaining and sustaining your friendships, plus stories from real women, Friend or Frenemy? explores how great friends get us through hard times and dishes out advice about dumping the users, losers, and abusers. In this era of instant communication, relationships are not necessarily easier. Friend or Frenemy? also looks at how texting, MySpacing, and other modes of instant communication are oh-so-convenient but sometimes make it harder to make meaningful connections.With tons of wit and loads of charm, Lavinthal and Rozler are sure to get you thinking about friendship as if for the first time—reminding us why our BFFs are often the most important people in our lives.

Instead of making your child feel good - like he belongs and is accepted - toxic friendships can lead to your child having negative feelings about himself or others. Friend or Frenemy? book. Read 15 reviews from the world's largest community for readers.

Friends make life interesting and fun and families provide much needed support. But sometimes things don't go to plan, relationships change and things can get 'nasty'. A real friend might hurt your feelings on accident, but a frenemy means to say something to bother you, like a backhanded compliment or snarky remark.