The Gift of Time

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One father, his children, and the loving life they share as a family. . . . Like all parents, Jorge Ramos is concerned about how his two children are absorbing the world around them. A loving and thoughtful father though he is, he wonders if he has done enough to prepare them for the future. He questions if they know enough about him as a person, and the family to which they belong. The Gift of Time is a moving and personal book in which one father reflects upon the world we live in and shares his love for his children in a series of letters that touch on everything from love and divorce to soccer and e-mail. Through his experience as a journalist who has seen both the horrors and the greatness that people are capable of, he offers his children the sound advice they need not only to live but to thrive in today's world. In a heartfelt and direct tone that has gained him the love and admiration of millions of fans across the country, Ramos writes about the issues that plague every parent's mind. In The Gift of Time, Ramos speaks both to his children and to the future generations of Americans on what they can expect, and what is expected of them, as they embark on their journey toward adulthood.

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You don't have to invest much to begin turning your house into a smart home and once you start ... The gift of time came with strings attached. It's hard to be motivated with kids underfoot 24/7, dwindling incomes, and speculation that easily slides into depression.