The Book of the Shepherd

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Joann Davis
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The Book of the Shepherd by Joann Davis, author of The Best Things in Life Aren’t Things, tells the story of three travelers on an uncertain journey toward “the new way.” Set in a mythical time in an unnamed land, The Book of the Shepherd follows the shepherd, a small boy, and a former slave as they discover that sometimes the greatest treasures are inside us all along. In the words of Paulo Coelho, this book is an “inspiring and moving fable.”

The last completed novel was published in 1962. With demand for more stories, Forester filled in Hornblower's life story, in effect. Essentially, The Book of M is a love story.

It depicts a mostly fictional story of mountain folklore and forgiveness, and has been translated into seven languages since its release. Derrial Book (commonly called Shepherd Book and born as Henry Evans) is a fictional character played by Ron Glass in the science-fiction / Western television series Firefly and its sequel movie, Serenity. The Shepherd of Hermas, or the Good Shepherd, 3rd century, Catacombs of Rome. The book consists of five visions granted to Hermas, a former slave.