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Fiona McIntosh
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Deep in the folklore of Tallinor lies a dark legend of betrayal and destruction. It is the story of a powerful sentient called Orlac who almost destroyed the entire land. Even now, many centuries later, any sentient who is discovered is subjected to the barbaric practice of bridling and branding. But in a village far from the royal city a young scribe, Torkyn Gynt, blazes with untold power and healing abilities which go undetected. tor agrees to be apprenticed to the Royal Physic Merkhud and with that decision tor takes the first step towards his destiny. Armed with only his wits and a pouch of mysterious stones given to him by his parents, tor must trust in the falcon Cloot and in Lys, the mysterious dreamspeaker, to guide him on a journey that will test his courage and his heart.

It was released on 22 December on BBC One and on 23 December on HBO and was watched by over 7 million viewers during the four weeks following its release in the UK. The episode takes place both in the North (following Lyra Silvertongue, Lord Asriel, Marisa Coulter and Roger Parslow) and in Will's world following ... Breadcrumb Trail Links.

Ursula disse che non avrebbe mai perdonato il tradimento di Emily. Manca qualcosa di importante ... The "Betrayal" structure strips away all artifice.