Rotten School #11

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R.L. Stine, Trip Park (Illustrator)
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Bernie Bridges has always dreamed about going to PPP—the exclusive Preppy Prep Prep school. All the kids at PPP are rich, rich, rich! And if there is one thing that Bernie loves it's money, money, money!But how will Bernie get to PPP? All he and his buddies have to do is win the National School Make-a-Great-Invention Contest, and off they go to PPP for a week to compete in the final round. There's just one problem—their best ideas are a Hamster on a Stick and a light-up comb! With a little scheming and a lot of luck, Bernie and his guys manage to win their school contest. But when they get to Preppy Prep Prep, Bernie must come up with yet another invention—this one cleverer than the first.No sweat!But the filthy rich PPP kids are smarter and sneakier than any kid at Rotten School.Has Bernie finally met his match?

Stine, Trip Park (Illustrator) $6.99 . Hard to Find.

All the kids at PPP are rich, rich, rich! And if there is one ... Rotten School is slobs vs. snobs, with the fate of the campus laying in the hands of the least likely student, Bernie Bridges.