Women Want More

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Kate Sayre, John Butman, Michael J. Silverstein
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In Women Want More, Michael Silverstein and Kate Sayre, two of the world’s leading authorities on the retail business, argue that women are the key to fixing the economy. Based on a groundbreaking study and offering tremendous insight into the purchasing habits and power of women, Women Want More doesn’t just offer a glimpse into consumer behavior; it reveals what consumer behavior says about human psychology and desire.

The absence of a track record was a concern noted by 65 percent of women compared to 56 percent of men. According to Parental Investment Theory, reproduction is a much more costly proposition for females than it is for males. While women invest nine months in a pregnancy, a man's initial contribution... What Do Women Really Want From Men In Relationships? Rather Than Leave You Guys Guessing, We Took A Poll To Find Out.

"As a girl growing up here in Utah, that was something that I found concerning as a little kid before I could ... The King's life would be spared only if he brought back the answer to this riddle: What do women want, more than anything? King Arthur rode back to the castle and related what had happened to his nephew, Sir Gawain, the most handsome and chivalrous knight in the kingdom. Women, in general, tend to be more intuitive than men, so it is different for them. She believes that one way or another, you just have to know what her needs are, and she gets upset if and when ... In new Sudan, women want more freedom, bigger political role.