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Brad Steiger
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Discover the secrets of animal totems and their sacred, transformative powers. Among traditional Native Americans and other tribal peoples, totems are the enduring animal symbols that allow these peoples to explore the mysteries of life and the spirit world. from the graceful Antelope to the aggressive Cougarto the wise and peaceful Turtle, each animal embodies certain strengths and attributes that the spiritual seeker can embrace and follow on the path of self -exploration. Now, Totems offers each of us the tools we need to tap into thepower of sacred animal totems by finding our own personal symbol and experiencing its energy firsthand. Drawing upon his long association with native teachers, as well as guidance from his own spirit helper, author Brad Steiger has created a fascinating, informative, and thorough guide to this ancient Spiritual practice. Filled with the wisdom of many different tribes and cultures, Totems provides exercises and techniques for:choosing your own animal totem from the American Indian Zodiac receiving dream and vision teachings using animal totems embarking on a spirit journey learning the healing powers of totems calling on your spiritual helpers in times of need

Some totems come with character effects, notably the Sengoku totems, the Von Bon totem, and the Otherworld Cygnus totem. Totems cannot obtain potential or Bonus Stats. In 2014, the "Tools, Totems & Tucker" Enviro-Stories program provided local kids with the opportunity to write and illustrate stories about local Aboriginal cultural - in particular Wiradjuri culture.

They can be placed to grant various passive bonuses to the player. Totem pieces can be stored in a totem bag.