How to Eat Like a Child

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Universal and timeless, Delia Ephron's How to Eat Like a Child is a delightful revisiting of the joys -- and tricky ploys -- of childhood. Made into a children's television special and a musical theater revue performed across the country each year, How to Eat Like a Child offers advice beyond the artful etiquette of food consumption. Ephron also teaches us "How to Laugh Hysterically," "How to Have a Birthday Party," "How to Torture Your Sister," and much, much more. As the Washington Post Book World noted, `After the giggles of recognition have subsided, one thing will be very clear: all adults are kids in grown-ups' clothing."

Use a... Sneak vegetables into more foods. Out of all the food groups, kids are most likely to resist eating their veggies.

If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up Next. First, children are learning to eat independently, which is a skill they need to develop for the later years of early childhood - and for life.