Experiencing the Next World Now

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Michael Grosso
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From the scientific underground of psychic research comes a stunning report on the evidence for life after death. But all the proof in the world is nothing when compared to actual experience with the place beyond. This book takes the reader to the next level -- and offers a more personal kind of journey. If there is a "next world," it must be nearby, and the path leads through the gateways of our own minds. Philosopher Michael Grosso shows us how to open these passages -- or at least peek through a keyhole -- and glimpse what may lie beyond. This is the guidebook for an adventure that nobody can refuse.

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In addition to discussing compelling evidence for the afterlife, Grosso shows how common features of existence, such as creativity, are really bridges to the plane inhabited by the dead. Leaving the body ... item 6 EXPERIENCING NEXT WORLD NOW By Michael Grosso Ph.d.