The Art of Disappearing

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Ajahn Brahm
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Whether mere bumps in the road or genuine crises, we live in a world of unwanted events that no willpower can prevent. In The Art of Disappearing, Ajahn Brahm helps us learn to abandon the headwind of false expectations and follow instead the Buddha's path of understanding. Releasing our attachment to past and future, to self and other, we can directly experience the natural state of serenity underlying all our thoughts and discover the bliss of the present moment. In that space, we learn what it is to disappear. Ajahn Brahm, an unparalleled guide to the bliss of meditation, makes the journey as fun as it is rewarding. The Art of Disappearing, comprised of a series of teachings Ajahn Brahm gave to the monks of Bodhinyana Monastery, where he serves as abbot, offers a unique glimpse into the mind of one of contemporary Buddhism's most engaging figures.

When I ran into Queensland writer Sarah Holland-Batt's poem, 'The Art of Disappearing' in an anthology entitled Contemporary Australian Poetry, it hit me like a brick. It felt personal, surefooted and strong.

We simply watch the breath and settle into meditation. Ajahn also teaches mindfulness, which I now understand along with a buddhist view of the world. Carrie Tiffany "Lis Hanscombe's The Art of Disappearing, is a brave, unflinching memoir of surviving a childhood navigating around a violent and abusive father, whose brooding menace lurks on every page.