A Squiggly Story

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Andrew Larsen, Mike Lowery (Illustrator)
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Who says there's only one way to write a story? A young boy wants to write a story, but he only knows his letters, not words. His sister says, "Why don't you start there, with a letter?" So the boy tries. He chooses an easy letter to begin with. The letter I. And to his delight, with just the power of his vivid imagination, and no written words, an amazing story begins to unfold. Right before his eyes. This playful tale about creativity will inspire budding authors everywhere to envision new ways to write stories of their own. With or without words!

?Why don't you start there ... a squiggly story by andrew larsen mike lowery a squiggly story is a charming little book that may help firsttime storytellers keep trying to write stories even if they lack the ability to draw proper letterforms let alone put aplete sentence together. written by andrew larsenand illustrated by mike loweryit has a clean mrn look and a positive message. Squiggle Stories! When I did my student teaching in 1st grade, my mentor teacher (who was fabulous!) had this as a fun little writing project.

This is a great read aloud book for pre-school or kindergarten teachers, perfect for showing children that you ... A Squiggly Story. Andrew Larsen & Mike Lowery.