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Kathryn Hulme
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In this memoir, Kathryn Hulme, a United Nations relief officer in Bavaria from 1945 until 1951, records the daily life, hopes and struggles of over 100,000 Displaced Persons housed by UNRRA at Wildflecken, a former training camp for Nazi SS troops, and in other DP camps."[A]n unforgettable report on the struggle, the plight, the defeat or the eventual redemption of countless victims of the time." - George Shuster, ***The New York Times***"A shattering book, and one that defines, once and for all, the meaning of that ghastly twentieth-century invention, the displaced person." - ***The New Yorker***"*The Wild Place* is a rare book - powerful and exciting, compassionate and disturbing, tragic and funny - drawn from great and strange material. It is a verbatim record of the most dramatic human debris of our time, the homeless hordes left on deposit in Germany." - ***The New Yorker***"Little has been recorded of the heroic postwar work with masses of displaced persons, and it will be hard to find a better account than this. It is crowded with people and incidents and has a special vitality as well as the ring of truth. Highly recommended." - ***Library Journal***"Miss Hulme's story will seize your imagination, keep you fascinated, rouse your compassion, admiration, and respect... The top book of American nonfiction published this year..." - ***San Francisco Chronicle***"A beautiful book, heartbreaking and at the same time veined with humor. It projects the passionate sense of purpose experienced by a compassionate woman struggling desperately to salvage human lives, and it leaves us with a quickened awareness of the astounding tenacity of the human spirit, the astounding durability of hope." - ***The Atlantic Monthly***"A sensitive and moving report, by an UNRRA field worker, of her five years' experience in European D.P. camps after the war." - Henry L. Roberts, ***Foreign Affairs***"A deeply felt and deeply moving record of this whole tragedy of displacement and dispossession, this is certain to engage the heart of any reader who has one." - Kirkus Reviews

By Kathryn Hulme. 275 pp, Atlantic (Little, Brown), 1953.

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