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Alpha Burke Chastain has his rules, and his rules were law. All must obey them for the safety of the pack family and their friends. His men respect and love him, but he has no tenderness in his life. Having a mate of his own was something he knew was never meant to be. Dane Quinn is from the hidden plane of Tuath. He has escaped from the breeder stable where men were enslaved for the sole purpose of providing heirs to the highest bidder. He aches to find his true match and have a family with the man that he hoped to love. With the guidance of the goddess Lanaya, Burke helps save the men of Tuath. He is drawn to Dane-the man who is destined to be his mate. He must put aside his alpha ways and understand that all rules are negotiable, or he will risk losing the man who will bring kindness, love, and cubs into his life.

Peter Burke. This brief revival of the 1960s cop thriller continued the adventures of Amos Burke, a senior Los Angeles police officer and millionaire. By now, Burke was a... In 1994 (almost three decades after the original series left the air) a revived series of Burke's Law appeared on television with Gene Barry reprising his role as the suave, debonair cop, now chief of homicide for the LAPD. Description: Bourke's Criminal Law Victoria is an indispensable tool for criminal law practitioners across the State.

Having a mate of his own was something he knew was never meant to be. Watch Burke's Law (1994) - Season 1, Episode 4 - Who Killed the Beauty Queen?: A baton twirler favored to win a beauty contest gets crowned instead with her own baton. Watch Burke's Law - Season 2, Episode 18 - Who Killed the Toy Soldier?: Granny Grabber, the not-so-nice head of a toy firm, is blown sky high by a bomb placed in his giant toy soldier cigar li... His Law Practice Burke Legal is based in Wollongong. For expert advice on your legal issue - call us on (02) 4225 7777.