Facade Access Systems

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Ahamed Hussain
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The book deals with building façade access systems for - builders - architects - consultants - contractors - façade engineers - facility managers It provides necessary information to - determine façade access system requirements for buildings - determine the requirement of façade maintenance through the cleaning cycle - determine functional and operational requirements - determine safety requirements - consider architectural and structural implications at the design stage - consider possible systems that can be applied to existing buildings without façade access system provision - consider the cost implications of various system options

Permanent solution Temporary/construction solution Read more . Maintenance Units.

Types of facade maintenance systems are generally as follows: Rope Access (Abseil) - Rigid Rail, Davit Systems and Rope Access Anchors; Building Maintenance Units (BMUs) Safemaster took on the challenge and produced a comprehensive range of facade access systems and fall arrest systems for Perth Children's Hospital, ranging from fully customised mobile trolleys to access platforms, integrated with railing systems to facilitate rope access operations. FACADE access is not limited to cleaning, as it must also support other maintenance needs for systems such as lighting, photovoltaics, louvres and vents. When selecting the most suitable access solution, a key objective will therefore be to optimise the access equipment against the complexity of the building's façade.