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M. Malone, Nana Malone
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The plan was never to fall in love...The plan was to avenge my father's death. Hell, I knew better. Never fall in love with the mark. For ten years I have plotted and planned my revenge against Rafe DeMarco. He took the most important thing in my life away from me and I meant to return the favor. Except, I was wrong... Now, I need his protection. And I'm the fool who went and fell in love. The best laid plans and all. (Deeper is the finale of the Deep Duet. Start the duet with Book 1, Deep.)Praise for THE DEEP DUET"Love a fierce, damaged, sexy-as-hell alpha male determined to protect the woman he loves? Then you're going to fall hard for Rafe. He and Diana have chemistry in spades.This edge of your seat read will have you flipping fiendishly through the pages and begging for more." ~ Lili Valente, USA Today Bestselling author"DEEP is a bite-your-nails, squirm-in-your-seat blend of sex, lies and betrayal! Rafe is the stern, sexy man of my dreams and Diana is a fierce, determined heroine impossible not to root for. Five former hitman stars!" ~ Sierra Simone, USA TODAY bestselling author"If you love an alpha male and sizzling chemistry, then this book is for you! I couldn't put it down. I have become a super fan with this book. So hot! Five star read all the way." ~Alta Hensley, USA Today Bestselling Author"Another page turner from the Malones. The guys in this agency are hot...The women... strong, sassy, snarky, with a sense of humor.... I'm caught in their web again and can't wait for more." ????? stars from Words Turn Me On"That moment before you were to take a leap off a cliff, the adrenaline rush you feel... that's the feeling you get when reading Deep ...powerful, gritty, filled with suspense and mystery." ???? stars from Wit and Wonder Agency

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