The Girl in the Kings Arms

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Yvonne Mandeville
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She saw - and heard everything but never said a word ... ... until now For the first seventeen years of her life, Yvonne was raised in an abusive, amoral and unloving environment, brought up by her grandparents and her grandfather's "live in" mistress, in a rural public house in 1950s Essex. Somehow she survived but was emotionally scarred for life... Her first problem was that she was born a girl - and her misogynist mother had wanted a boy. Life went downhill from there... The story winds through Yvonne's childhood, contrasting the simple pleasures of post war rural life with the darkness of living in her grandfather's pub. Events, some even life-threatening, are described with absolute honesty, almost total recall, and in some places, even humour, but the darkness is always there. Escape came at the age of seventeen, but not in the way that Yvonne had hoped for or dreamed about... Yvonne now lives in rural Fife with her husband and cats. Further Information: please visit The Girl in the Kings Arms website

If you haven't read about this - and so much more about my early life - The Girl in The Kings ... Yvonne Mandeville is the author of The Girl in the Kings Arms (4.16 avg rating, 25 ratings, 9 reviews) Yvonne has given an account of her childhood in a very matter of fact way - stating this is what happened without any hysteria. It beggars belief that any child could survive the emotional, physical and sexual abuse that she suffered at the hands of her family.

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