Obediently Yours

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Bella Jackson
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Siobhan Fitzpatrick is a successful businesswoman who handles her professional responsibilities with skill and confidence, but there is another side to her that very few people ever see. After work in the evenings in the quiet privacy of her bedroom, with the help of the internet, Siobhan seeks to experience the feeling of complete submission to a firm but loving daddy.Richard Connolly is a well-respected doctor, but almost from the moment they first exchange messages online Siobhan knows him as something else-her new daddy. It is a role Richard is more than happy to take on. The pair starts out slowly and carefully, discussing mutual interests and fulfilling each other's desires as well as possible from behind a computer screen.Soon, though, both Siobhan and Richard find themselves becoming much closer than they originally intended. Richard proposes a bold step-a real life meeting-and Siobhan hesitantly agrees. Almost before she knows it, she finds herself spending each weekend living something she always thought could only ever be a fantasy. Richard is the daddy she always dreamed of, and she is his beloved baby girl, but can this be real? Can it last? Can she be his little girl forever, or will the realities of work, family, and day-to-day life bring her dream to an end?Publisher's Note: Obediently Yours is an erotic novel that includes spanking, anal play, graphic sexual scenes, exhibitionism, medical play, age play, diaper play, and more. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.Also note that due to the author's intention to realistically portray the growth of an age play relationship which starts online before moving to real life, Obediently Yours is written in a unique style. In addition to sections written in a narrative style, it also includes extensive sections composed of various forms of online communication between the fictional characters Siobhan and Richard, including emails, instant messages, lists of interests and limits, discussion of potential role-play scenarios, etc.

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