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The Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) has become the preferred interview format at many health professions programs and medical schools. Applicants seeking admission to these schools face considerable anxiety preparing for these interviews because of a lack of resources available for guidance. Our detailed advice, based on evidence from research in the field and perspectives of admissions faculty, will provide you with the insiders' perspective. Inside:How can you best prepare for the MMI? What is required to deliver a winning interview performance?The MMI was developed to measure specific non-cognitive qualities that schools have deemed important. What are these qualities, and how can students emphasize them during interviews?Which behaviors, attitudes, and answers are prized by interviewers?In one study, 10% of interviewees rated the MMI as worse than the traditional interview. What were their concerns?At one school, 12% of interviewed candidates received a "Do Not Recommend" rating each year. What are the behaviors and attitudes that lead schools to reject applicants?What is "assessor fatigue," and how can it affect your MMI score?Your interview score will depend heavily on your communication skills. What are the common communication problems encountered during the MMI?How can you use the limited time that you have at each station to deliver memorable and impressive responses that stand out?Includes sample answers to MMI questions and advice to help you avoid common mistakes.Utilizing a unique combination of evidence-based advice and an insiders' perspective, this book will help you achieve your ultimate goal. MEDICAL SCHOOL

MMIs are thought to better handle the biases of interviewers, more accurately predict academic performance, and assess non-cognitive skills like interpersonal skills, professionalism, critical thinking and ethical decision making ... The Edinburgh veterinary interview format is a form of Multiple Mini Interview (MMI). This will be hosted through the University's secure Zoom platform and candidates will receive instructions on how to take part in advance of their interview.

Your staff physician has delegated your learning to her Chief Resident who has a great surgical reputation and performs most operations with minimal supervision. Astroff is the leader in Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) preparation. Below, we have prepared sample questions to get you started.