The Parts Inside of Me

The Parts Inside of Me - Shelly Johnson MA LMHC, Mark Savona (Illustrator), Michi Rose PhD MAT LMSW (Foreword by) | PDF, TXT, FB2. EPUB. MOBI. The book was written on 2021. Look for a book on


Shelly Johnson MA LMHC, Mark Savona (Illustrator), Michi Rose PhD MAT LMSW (Foreword by)
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All of us desire to know our true selves. But how many of us are really living a life of authenticity? In a concise presentation that serves as a practical clinical tool for those in helping professions as well as parents and students of all ages, IFS Therapist Shelly Johnson guides others on a journey inward to understand the many emotional aspects or complex parts that comprise our personalities and then to embrace the healing components of our true selves that bring compassion, balance, and harmonious connection to our lives. The Parts Inside of Me guides anyone to discover their true identity while embracing a healing relationship or dialogue with their own internal family. "This lovely little book is a gentle and simple way to encourage readers of all ages to begin to get to know their inner worlds. It can easily be read to children as a stimulus to help them identify different common parts and discuss with a parent, teacher, or therapist but it can also inspire any of us to further explore our inner families." -Richard C. Schwartz, PhD, Developer of the Internal Family Systems Model of Psychotherapy

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