My Boyfriend's Father

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If it was a shock to find out my lazy boyfriend came from a rich family, it was even more of a shock to meet his father. Jeremy senior was everything I was missing in his son. He was strong-willed, responsible, reliable, and, well, let's admit it, rich. He was also very good looking. And when he seduced me on the pool deck, it was sex like nothing I'd ever imagined. He was a strong, dominating man, and I was helpless in his hands. But for the kind of sexual fever he raised in me I was willing to submit to his kinky games, to his ropes and chains, to his discipline and hunger... Warning: Graphic sex and sexuality

Especially when it comes to taking off my clothes. This 3,000 word story is ... My Boyfriends Father || Kim Taehyung Fanfiction "M-Mr.

Wishing you a very Happy Father's Day loved one. I truly am luckiest to be your girlfriend because the amount of care and love you shower on me, makes me feel like a princess….