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Nicole Moore
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Do you ever feel "off"? Do you experience bloating, anxiety, fatigue or sluggish digestion? Do you feel like you eat "healthy" but you still feel sick? If you answered "yes" to any or all of these questions, you're not alone. I have good news for you. It is something that I am so excited about for both of us. My new book the ESSENTIAL ALKALINE DIET COOKBOOK will change lives. The book offers undoing years of pain, suffering, diseases, and fatigue and above replacing with energy, vitality, strength, and confidence. And yes, in just seven days... No matter what your goal is right now, I am certain we will get you there, together. In this ESSENTIAL ALKALINE DIET COOKBOOK, there is an easy to follow step-by-step, day-by-day for you including all of your recipes and everything you need to easily, enjoyably and effortlessly complete this powerful Cleanse and without the cravings, headaches, stress, pain, and fatigue that's normally associated with a 'detox'. This is the opposite of that. This is not your regular 'detox'... It is whole-body nourishment that will rebalance and rebuild your body's 'Five Master Systems', leaving you alkalized, energized and ready to thrive. It will undo YEARS of poor diet, resetting and rebalancing you - from your digestion to your hormones, your liver and kidneys to your immune system - the ESSENTIAL ALKALINE DIET COOKBOOK is powerful and leverages the powerful combination of Mother Nature and your wonderful body to give you amazing results. You will find a healthy balance in your body's pH levels with the recipes and weight loss smoothies from THE ESSENTIAL ALKALINE DIET COOKBOOK. Why eat according to pH?The Essential Alkaline Diet helps create more alkaline environments in our bodies, which can fight diet-related diseases.The Alkaline Diet improves bone health, cholesterol, blood pressure, cardiovascular health, and much more. With ailment-specific recipes and smoothies to ensure success, The Alkaline Diet makes cooking balanced, nourishing meals easier than ever.

Fight dietary diseases and bring pH balance back to your body with 150 Alkaline recipes. Why eat according to pH? The Alkaline Diet helps create more... Buy Essential Alkaline Diet Cookbook by Jennifer Walker for $22.99 at Mighty Ape Australia.

Enjoy 300 New, Quick & Easy, Delicious, Low Carb Alkaline... The Alkaline Diet helps create more alkaline environments in our bodies, which can combat diet-related diseases. The Essential Alkaline Diet Cookbook makes cooking balanced, nourishing meals easier than ever.