Teach Your Puppy to be the Dog you Want

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The first four months of a puppys life are critical. The knowledge and patience that it is shown at the beginning determines how it will relate to and deal with the rest of the world as a mature dog. For instance, one big issue that must be addressed is the time at home when everybody is out at work. Puppies can suffer from separation anxiety complex. This can become very serious and affect the adult personality. This book proofs the puppy against this problem. And it explains what symptoms to watch out for in case of slippage. A comprehensive and insightful book that produces well-behaved dogs everybody can live with and love.

I'm a dog trainer, not a veterinarian so be sure to run health questions by your vet. From my experience, you can train an 8-week old puppy leash but you must start off with the proper first step, this is crucial.

Say his or her name and start running away from them top speed. As you turn, face or kneel and treat your dog, say Come! You may be asking yourself how soon you can leash train your puppy.