The Ultimate Revelations

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Jamshed Akhtar
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Concurrent with a freak solar activity, a young scientist begins seeing strange and puzzling dreams of momentous events from the past. He sees an occurrence in the formation of solar system, a day in the Cretaceous period, Prophet Noah's boat being constructed, Buddha giving a sermon to a large multitude, Moses climbing the mountain to keep tryst with the mysterious fire, and child Mary's guardianship being decided in the temple. The mystic night visions end with an episode in Muhammed's life, leave the young man perturbed and intrigued, and prod him to study and collect data on metaphysical aspect of life.Meanwhile, falling temperatures all over the world, herald the onset of an ice age. The planet in its fight for survival, tries to distribute the heat stored in oceans all over the land. Tornadoes, squalls and high velocity winds sweep the planet and add to the misery of the humanity already suffering from the energy crunch. At this crucial juncture, the young man gets an inspiration and presents before the world, a hypothesis about a Grand Cosmic Design...The Design is aesthetically beautiful, breathtakingly simple, and awesome in its expanse, yet the most remarkable thing about it is its promise of the expected arrival of a 'Message from stars' that has all the knowledge of Cosmos hidden in it...The Design, however, does not predict the time of its arrival. Therefore, realizing that a future possibility of such a 'Transmission from stars' is difficult to investigate, the young man, begins to probe existing sources of all such knowledge on earth.Identifying the latest scripture as a possible candidate, he examines and presents before the world, arguments from its historical records, its descent, its language, its peculiar time of arrival, characteristics of its recipient nation, its contents, the presence of an interpreting mechanism in it, and its collective effect on the world.Utilizing 'chaos and order' tapestry, the young man outlines the effect of Quran, beginning from the initial seven centuries of development and progress of land under its sway, to the subsequent reign of chaos and then development of another part of the planet via transfer of its infra-structure of information.Lastly, he analyses a mathematical argument, corrects an anomaly in it, and suggests a key to the first coded layer of extra-terrestrial information in this transmission.Published more than a decade ago, 'The Ultimate Revelations', is the only science fiction in the world, centred around Quran. It attracted good coverage in several Indian and UAE papers. However, the lack of proper distribution did not let this book reach a bigger audience.The author researcher feels that in the present environment, where Quran lies at the centre of increasing assault of hatred and chaos, the time to present the arguments is now, especially when, he has strengthened the arguments and enlarged their scope, through two more non-fiction books on this topic.At present, a solar crisis may not be immediately visible, but problems exist at a global level that may need a little Help from an Intellect superior to us.To collectively investigate his work, through a panel of linguists, scientists and science historians, the author has initiated a 'Project Infinite Peace'.

First, it presents a universal design linking all revelations on earth, and explains the continuity of this phenomenon via the arrival of a last and final transmission on earth with future guidance hidden in it, in layers ... Hello Select your address Best Sellers Today's Deals New Releases Electronics Books Customer Service Gift Ideas Home Computers Gift Cards Sell The Ultimate Revelations eBook: Akhtar, Jamshed: Kindle Store. Skip to main

Publisher: Oriole International, 1996. This specific ISBN edition is currently not available.