The Warder's Dragon

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Viola Grace
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Take one hot, sexy dragon and a strong-minded Warder, and you have a story that breaths passion...In the magical land of Realm, where dragons and Djinns take human form, Anryn is being hunted by a demon...a demon bent on her destruction.Decklyn, a dragon who can take human form, is slated to protect her. Things quickly heat up between Anryn and the hot, devastatingly attractive Decklyn... and not only in the bedroom.Against Decklyn's counsel, Anryn is determined to fight the demon on her own terms, possibly putting her life in danger in the process. Decklyn, unable to talk her out of it, must go along with her plan, and confront the demon in order to save his mate.The forces of sizzling sex, scorching love, and a formidable foe entwine to make The Warder's Dragon one HOT love story.

The keysphere itself is a power not meant to be handled alone, sapping champions of their strength upon touch, preventing them from using abilities or being healed while they hold it. A Warder (known as Gaidin [/ˈgaɪ.din/] in the Old Tongue) is a person, traditionally male, who is bonded by an Aes Sedai through the use of saidar to become her bodyguard and protector. Warders are easily recognized by their distinctive Color-shifting cloak, made of fancloth, when they choose to wear it..

They wanted to join the fun. Anryn Warder looked around the room and smiled at the guests that had gathered to ... The Warder's Key is a powerful keystone that can unlock the Warder's vaults.