What's in the Way Is the Way

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Mary O'Malley, Neale Donald Walsch (Foreword by)
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Imagine for a moment that all the pressures in your life were off-no problems to fix, no deadlines to meet, no struggles to overcome. Do you feel that sense of spacious relief? It's not an illusion, teaches Mary O'Malley. It really is possible to live with that profound openness every moment, even while tending to our everyday tasks and obligations. What's in the Way Is the Way is the new book from this highly regarded teacher, offering practical guidance for meeting all of our experience with an abiding sense of ease, trust, and peace of mind. This accessible book is divided into 10 phases, featuring inspiring wisdom and step-by-step exercises to heal the core beliefs that keep you stuck With each chapter, Mary invites you to come into the present and see yourself and your circumstances in a different way-with openness and curiosity, unclouded by struggle, judgment, and fear. Discover why Eckhart Tolle calls Mary O'Malley's work "a treasure of practical wisdom and profound insights, all pointing to one essential Truth: how to awaken into present-moment awareness and live in acceptance of what is."

But what if we knew the ending and it guaranteed our happiness? That way, no matter how bad things seemed at the time, we knew that everything would turn out okay. The mustard seed way "The way how" is not currently accepted as idiomatic because, as FumbleFingers says, "the way" = "how" = "the fashion in which" = "the manner in which": the phrase "the way how" is irredeemably redundant.

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