Mirror Gazing

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Irene McGarvie
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Have you ever wished that you could predict the future?Now you can! With Mirror Gazing you can do this and so much more:- See the past, present, and future- Meet and talk with deceased loved ones- Meet your spirit guides and angels- Gain knowledge from the spiritual realm through visions- Experience astral projection - have an out of body experience- Explore past lives or future possibilities- Find solutions to business or personal problems- Improve your creativity- Understand yourself better by delving into your subconscious mind- Look for hidden objects, or missing personsThere is so much more going on around us than most of us realize. Mirror gazing can enable you to access information previously hidden from your conscious awareness.Mirror gazing, or scrying, is a technique that anyone can do. A simple black mirror can be your doorway to a whole new reality, free from the constraints of time, space and gravity.For centuries churches have condemned mirror gazing as satanic or evil, and yet many Biblical figures used a form of it to receive Divine guidance. So which is it, a useful skill or a demonic tool? Read this book to decide for yourself.

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About Scrying and Crystal Gazing. Scrying is a general term for the practice of obtaining divinatory or spiritual visions by looking at fluctuating patterns of light.