Silk Ribbon Embroidery

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J. Marsha Michler
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The breathtaking beauty of silk ribbon embroidery lies in the seemingly effortless manner in which stitches take on the shapes of flowers and leaves, appearing almost as if created by nature. Author of numerous titles on crazy quilting and the needle arts, J. Marsha Michler shows how to use simple embroidery stitches to accomplish this dimensional art. Included are instructions for 19 silk ribbon stitches, how to portray individual flowers and foliage, and to assemble them into artful embroidered arrangements, how to weave a simple basket, and information on how to use concepts of art to create appealing designs. Follow a step by step tutorial to stitch a gorgeous silk ribbon floral of your own.

See more ideas about silk ribbon embroidery, ribbon embroidery, silk ribbon. Silk ribbon is most often used for ribbon embroidery and needle painting, either on its own or in creative combinations with other threads. Our hand dyed silk ribbon works very effectively in ribbon painting, most popularly used when creating ribbon flowers and greenery. Ribbon embroidery is a 3-dimensional embroidery in which you stitch beautiful designs with ribbons on the needle instead of embroidery floss.

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