The Girl From Atlantis

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Richard Schenkman
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Athena Crowley is an ordinary eleven-year old girl who lives in an extraordinary place: The Atlantis Resort in Nassau, Bahamas, where her father Robert is a marine archeologist. He's the man who discovered traces of the Mythical Lost City of Atlantis, for which the hotel is named. Athena's mother was lost years ago when a freak whirlpool took her away. Athena goes to school, rides the slides, and helps out at the hotel's dolphin encounter... a fairly normal life. But everything changes the day an old turtle starts talking to her, and Athena realizes that she can communicate with sea creatures. Determined to understand her roots, Athena takes a risky journey to the undersea kingdom of Atlantica, where mer-people rule, humans are slaves, and dangerous and thrilling surprises await her. An illustrated fantasy/adventure chapter book for ages 6-15.

Full 75 min video is at our FSC site. For more #wetlook #underwater #messy mode... A MarkII video from Aqua Entertainment & WAMTEC - MKII Volume 9.

1566 ... The Girl from Atlantis (Audio Download): Richard Schenkman, Richard Schenkman, GMI Books, Inc: Audible Directed by Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise. With Michael J.