The Illustrated Directory of Swords & Sabres

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Harvey J S Withers
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This is a fully illustrated comprehensive reference guide to edged weapons, from early stone-age flint hand axes to the swords of World War One. This broad-ranging work examines weapons from the swords and spears of ancient Egypt to the pike and thrusting polearms of medieval Europe, and from the slashing sabres of the 17th-century cavalry to the presentation and dress swords used for show, pomp and civil ceremonies in the 1900s. Presented in an easy-to-follow format there are specially commissioned photographs of each item, annotated with the blades defining features as well as at-a-glance specification boxes. Featuring more than 400 examples from around the world, this comprehensive volume also offers information on African, Chinese, Indian and South-east Asian weapons. This indispensable resource will intrigue anyone with an interest in the conflicts, warriors and weapons that have been a part of our human history.

The Illustrated Directory of Swords & Sabres: A visual encyclopedia of edged weapons, including swords, sabres, pikes Buy Illustrated Directory of Swords & Sabres at Angus & Robertson with Delivery - Since the first flint spearheads emerged around 600,000 years ago, edged weapons have played a central part in the shaping of human society. As well as being the foremost weapon of war for centuries, swords, spears and lances have been used all over the world for hunting, status and as a badge of honour.

1 Review. A comprehensive illustrated guide to more than 500 edged weapons from around the world, focusing on eras of historical and military ... The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Swords and Sabres: An Authorative History and Visual Directory of Edged Weapons from Around the World, Shown in Over 800 Stunning Colour Pictures by Harvey J.S.