My Life with MS, Bipolar and Brain Injury

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Charlie Bacchus, Marie Beau
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This is the remarkable story of Charlie Bacchus, who was diagnosed with a severe case of viral encephalitis and later with multiple sclerosis and bipolar. This moving, funny, sometimes explicit book charts his life, including recollections of his childhood, the acceptance of his diagnoses and his determination to carry on living to the full. This book highlights many themes such as the loss of independence and the challenges of hidden disabilities and visible differences. Although the line between fantasy and reality is not always clear, Charlie's loving personality and hypomania allow him to maintain supportive connections and adapt to his situation. Charlie's account provides support for patients who have brain injury and their families. This will be of great interest to professionals working in neurology including occupational therapists, social workers and rehabilitation practitioners.

TBI affects the roots of who we are — our ability to think, to communicate, and to connect with other people. Evidently, several studies have found brain damage in long-term bipolar patients. Raymond Deicken MD, of the Psychiatric Partial Hospital Program at San Francisco VA Medical Center, and his colleagues, compared brain scans of 15 non-symptomatic male patients with bipolar I disorder to those of 20 healthy male comparison subjects.

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