Celtic Tales & Legends

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Nicola Baxter, Cathie Shuttleworth (Illustrator)
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Read traditional stories from the folklore of ancient Britain, enchantingly retold for the younger reader in this charming volume. This beautifully collection of stories, illustrated by leading artist Cathie Shuttleworth, contains ten magical tales, introducing readers to evocative legends of knights, kings and princesses. In The Fountain, King Arthur crosses swords with a mysterious black knight. In The Land of Youth, a young man called Oisin discovers a place where time stands still. The Field of Gold features a tiny magical man called a leprechaun, but he seems to have hopped into other stories toocan you find him on every page? This enchanting storybook is ideal for reading aloud, or for more confident readers to try themselves.

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The Top 10 Irish Myths and Legends; Most Famous Irish Mythological Creatures. 10. Storytelling has always been an important part of Irish culture and tradition with songs, tales and myths being passed down regularly from one generation to another, ensuring their stories remain told and their value enriched.