Biodynamic Pasture Management

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Peter Bacchus
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New Zealand grazing consultant Peter Bacchus shares a lifetime of experience on applying biodynamics to pastures. His multi-pronged approach to managing pastures considers balance of fertility elements, organic matter levels, soil life, and particularly soil life forces. Using biodynamic preparations and other tools, he produces pastures of optimum quality that are ideal for sustaining healthful and organic grazing animals. He also demonstrates how biodynamic methods can be applied to protect grasslands from pests, animals, and disease. In language that is clear and understandable to any reader, Bacchus shows how biodynamics enhances pasture vitality and offers solutions to the challenges of farming in the 21st Century.

Peter Bacchus has years of biodynamic farming experience. Raised on a biodynamic dairy farm, he served apprenticeships on other dairy farms while growing up.

At Woven Stars Farm in Ghent, NY, we graze all our ruminants in the same pasture using a regenerative rotational grazing system. The various species play a pivotal role in managing soil and a diversity of plants.