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Jayne Blue
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Hammer McCall is fiercely loyal to the Great Wolves M.C. His brothers healed his soul in his darkest hour. Betraying them for a woman is unthinkable. Until Now. Hammer's place is at the side of the Prez of the M.C. He puts his body in the way of bullets for every one of this brothers. Defending Great Wolves territory, protecting his crew, and honoring his oath to the club are his life. But now, loyalty to the club means doing a favor for a bitter enemy. It means helping The Devil's Hawks. It's an assignment he hates down to his bones. When he sees that the favor is wrapped in a gorgeous body and hypnotic green eyes Hammer is forced to question everything he's ever believed. He'll lie, run, even kill for Daniella Moore. Daniella Moore made the worst mistake of her life when she let a Devil's Hawk into it. Now she's doing it again, falling for a biker, but this time her heart and soul have nowhere to hide. She trusted the wrong man and when she defied him her life was the price. Daniella knows that now, and she won't be any man's toy or victim. She thought she'd run far enough. She was sure the evil talons of The Devil's Hawks couldn't reach her. She was wrong again. But this time there's a hot as sin biker who wants to save her, protect her, even love her. Is she making the same mistake twice? Her wild attraction to Hammer could be the blind spot that gets them both killed. He'll give up anything to have her in his arms but it still might not be enough to save her.

It is... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples With THE HAMMER, Obama, Brennan, and Clapper implemented a Stasi-style police state in America, turning the supercomputer system against the American people rather than targeting the terrorists and America's foreign adversaries for which THE HAMMER had been designed to target.

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