Old Path White Clouds

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Thich Nhat Hanh
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'The Buddha was the source. Venerable Svasti and the young buffalo boys were rivers that flowed from the source. Wherever the rivers flowed, the Buddha would be there.'In Old Path White Clouds, scholar, poet and peace activistThich Nhat Hanh retells the story of the Buddha in his owninimitably beautiful style. He draws upon Pali, Sanskrit andChinese sources to trace the Buddha's life slowly and gentlythrough the course of eighty years. Seen partly through theeyes of the Buddha himself and partly through those of Svasti,the buffalo boy, Old Path White Clouds brings the Buddha closerto us as we journey with him on his path to enlightenment and nirvana.

He is the author of Being ... Old Path White Clouds is a brilliant spiritual book. It covers Buddha's life journey comprehensively.

I suppose it takes a great teacher, who can speak with authority (as opposed to a scholar or a novelist), to carry this off. Across 600 pages, each time I read, I find myself nodding and smiling and learning and making notes ... Old Path White Clouds is destined to become a classic of religious literature.