Dragon Heart

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Amelia Jade
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What better way to improve morale on a military base than a talent show? Sergeant Linny Cantor never expected to participate, but now she's dusting off her old box of tricks for a chance to win her choice of grand prize options. A month's paid leave is as good as hers, if she can just keep a meddling dragon shifter out of her practice area and her pants. He's deliciously hot and says all the right things, but her focus has to be on winning that prize. Oh, and did she mention that he's competing against her? Rokk, a cobalt dragon, is in a great mood. He's going to win the talent show and take his choice of the grand prize: twenty-five thousand dollars of his fellow dragon's money. The fact that along the way he's found his mate and is going to win the bet with his twin brother is making it even sweeter. The treasure pile he's going to spoil his mate with is growing larger by the day. Caught red-handed trying to spy on his primary competition, Rokk is also accused of sabotaging some of her equipment. When it happens again though, it's become clear-someone is targeting Linny, and only Rokk's dragon powers can keep her alive. With the threat of Outsiders from one direction, and a traitor from within, the pair must work together to defeat their enemies, learn the truth, and ultimately, win the talent show and each other.

The two team up to form a travelling duo that perform an act, but the act is only known by themselves. Dragonheart (stylized as DragonHeart) is a 1996 British-American fantasy action - adventure film directed by Rob Cohen and written by Charles Edward Pogue based on a story created by him and Patrick Read Johnson. It stars Dennis Quaid, David Thewlis, Pete Postlethwaite, Dina Meyer, and Sean Connery as the voice of Draco. Dragonheart: A New Beginning is a 2000 fantasy action adventure drama film directed by Doug Lefler.

( .38 kg - .45kg) Adjustable: 45" to 51" (115cm-130cm) Fixed Length Available: 46.5" to 51" (118cm-130cm) IDBF License: 3523 3 Year Product Warranty "Dragon Heart" by fashion designer Natalie Bou Dragon Heart is a Believix offensive spell used by Bloom.She releases a ball of fire that explodes when in contact with the enemy; or she shoots a stream of fire energy toward the enemy. Times When Used Dragon Heart is a raw material used in crafting.