Air War in the Pacific (Annotated)

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George C. Kenney
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Air War in the Pacific details the development and ultimate supremacy of the US Air Force during World War 2. Written from the perspective of General George C. Kenney, the man in charge, the book is a candid insider's account of how America turned the tables on the Japanese in the Pacific through a combination of strategy, tactics, and superior air technology. An entertaining read, as well as an important historical document, Air War in the Pacific features a cast of larger-than-life personalities know to WW2 buffs, from brilliant tactician 'Big Chief' General Douglas MacArthur to eccentric hotshot pilot Paul 'Pappy' Gunn.

Gen. Kenney's perspective on and air war in the Pacific is, more accurately, about the air war in the southwest Pacific where he commanded Allied air operations for much of the war.

You'll chase down Wildcats, Corsairs, and Zeros through relentless gunfire. You'll pick apart enemy forces by ... 1942 :The Pacific Air War contains Carrier Battles, the follow-up to a Task Force 1942, which was actually quite good.