At Her Feet

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TammyJo Eckhart
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Look beyond the fantasies of whip-cracking dominatrixes and cowering slaveboys, and you'll find real women and men in caring, consensual female-dominant relationships. Yet, given that social norms grant the majority of power to men, how do these relationships work? TammyJo and Fox have been building their female-dominant relationship for many years, and have gathered their most important discoveries and theories into this important manual. You'll learn: - how to take your roles beyond the bedroom - the role of rituals, contracts and protocols in day-to-day femdom life - how to achieve training and growth that complement the nature of the relationship - how each individual can get his or her needs met within the context of a consensual disparity in power - how to integrate fetish desires into the relationship - how to cope with the realities of life (illness, work, family) without losing touch with the relationship ... and much more.

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