Just a Kiss

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Caitlin Ricci
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When they meet, Bryan instantly wants his daughter's new teacher. El is attractive and sweet, and he likes Bryan, too. El has already seen him though, years ago when Bryan and his ex used to frequent the local kink club. Bryan gave up that side of himself when they adopted, in fear that the agency would never adopt a child out to two men who enjoyed kink. But when El offers up his submission so completely, he's too tempting for Bryan to resist for long.

Thanks to Jenni for ... Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight Just a touch of the fire burning so bright No I don't want to mess this thing up I don't want to push too far Just a shot in the dark that you just might Be the one I've been waiting for my whole life So baby I'm alright, oh, let's do this right With just a kiss goodnight With a kiss goodnight, kiss ... All the latest horse racing form, betting odds, news, breeding, jockey and trainer information for Just A Kiss. Just A Kiss is a mare born in 2010 August 15 by New Approach out of Takriyma The current race record for Just A Kiss is 1 wins from 17 starts. [Intro] C Am [Verse] C Lying here with you so close to me Am It's hard to fight these feelings C when it feels so hard to breathe F Caught up in this moment G Caught up in your smile Am C I never open up to anyone So hard to hold back Am F when I'm holding you in my arms Dm We don't need to rush this G Let's just take it slow [Chorus] Am F Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight C G ... One small, meaningless kiss.

It didn't change anything. All they got was a hilariously convoluted nightmare that began with...just a kiss. It's a twisted story of sex between six consenting adults that New York Magazine hails "A stylized comedy with magical flights of fancy!" Rent AU$4.99 Buy AU$14.99 Just a Kiss (2002) is a dark comedy and the first feature film directed by actor-turned-filmmaker Fisher Stevens.