The Arc of the Universe

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Mark Whiteway
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After witnessing the destruction of the colony fleet in which he is traveling, Regan Quinn wakes up in a white room. His only clue to his fate is a window where the scene is constantly changing. Is he dead? Is he dreaming? Or is he the subject of some bizarre experiment...?

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This saying nearly matched the 1918 expression, but the word "moral" was omitted. "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice" is King's clever paraphrasing of a portion of a sermon delivered in 1853 by the abolitionist minister Theodore Parker. The Arc of the Moral Universe 17 Replies You've almost won, just one more step! Last week tens of millions of hopeful Americans and citizens around the world rang in spanking new 2021 by watching the tail end of Donald Trump's presidency explode spectacularly on the landing strip. Even in the face of evil. This is because at the heart of the universe is pure goodness.