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Everyone tells you that a reckless quickie at a party will ruin your life, but that's sure not what happened. I'm just a small-town girl, and I messed up and lost my scholarship. I was broke. I couldn't afford college. They were kicking me out. But then I met tall, ripped, tantalizing Wulf, whose sapphire-blue eyes that warmed when I was joking around while we waltzed, and I did something that anyone would tell you is stupid. I knew he was rich. I knew he was into some wild stuff. But he was more than I thought. So much more. And that was the problem. I fell in love with him that night, the night he saved me, and then I was the one who was screwed. This Complete Boxed Set of Billionaires in Disguise: Rae contains all nine original episodes.

Rae and Wulf have such ... The first Billionaires in Disguise Romance from USA Today Bestselling Author Blair Babylon. One wild quickie with a sexy stranger will change Rae's life forever.

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