The Calculating Stars

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Mary Robinette Kowal
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WINNER OF THE HUGO, NEBULA AND LOCUS AWARDS One woman. One mission. One chance to save the world. It's 1952, and the world as we know it is gone. A meteorite has destroyed Washington DC, triggering extinction-level global warming. To save humanity, the world unites to form the International Aerospace Coalition. Its mission: to colonise first the Moon, then Mars. Elma York, World War Two pilot and mathematician, dreams of becoming an astronaut but prejudice has kept her grounded. Now nothing and no man will stop her from reaching for the stars. 'Kowal masters both science and historical accuracy in this alternate history adventure.' Andy Weir "In The Calculating Stars, Mary Robinette Kowal imagines an alternate history of spaceflight that reminds me of everything I loved about Hidden Figures." - Cady Coleman, Astronaut "This is what NASA never had, a heroine with attitude."-The Wall Street Journal

On a cold spring night in 1952, a huge meteorite fell to earth and obliterated much of the east coast of the United States, including Washington D.C. The ensuing climate cataclysm will soon render the earth inhospitable for humanity, as the last such meteorite did for the dinosaurs.

Mary Robinette Kowal's science fiction debut, 2019 Winner of the Hugo and Nebula Award for best novel, The Calculating S... The Calculating Stars. by Mary Robinette Kowal.