Tease - A Stepbrother Romance

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Caitlin Daire
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If he's going to tease you, then he damn well better please you...CHARLOTTEI absolutely loathe Cade Blackwell.He's a rich, arrogant quarterback with an ego so big I could camp on it, and of course, all the girls want him.Except me.Sure, he's ridiculously attractive, but I went to school with him, so I know exactly what he's like, and it's not good. He made my life a living hell back in the day, and the mere sight of him makes me want to puke despite his gorgeous face and panty-melting abs.Getting involved with him for just one steamy, drunken encounter a few nights ago was a huge mistake... and it's never going to happen again.It's too bad that our parents are engaged, because not only do I now have to see Cade every day and play happy families with him, I have to live with the prick. Thank god the house is huge, so I can easily avoid him and his devilish charms....right?Wrong...CADEI'm the star player on my college football team, and as you can imagine, chicks basically throw themselves at me on a daily basis. All except one-Charlotte Rubio. She can't stand me, and every time she sees me, she looks like she wants to kill me.It only makes me want her more.We actually nearly hooked up one drunken night a while ago, but that was cut short when she realized who I was-her old school nemesis, apparently, although for the life of me I can't figure out why. She's made it pretty damn clear that it's never going to happen again, and now that our parents are getting married, she's become even more off-limits for me.But one way or another, I'll make her see that I'm the right one for her, and when that happens, I'm gonna tease her until she's begging for it...**Tease is a full-length romance with NO cheating, NO cliffhanger & a guaranteed happy ending!**

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