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Piper Lawson
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How to Find Love in New York:Meet for tapas. Pretend you care more about his day than your career circling the drain. Stumble to your place. Kick him out before he trips on dirty laundry. (Literal or figurative.)It's easy. That's how I like it. Before you crown me the least romantic twenty-something in Manhattan, meet my competition. Dr. Wesley Robinson. Keen blue eyes and fell-out-of-bed hair. Unhealthy obsession with 80s movies. Drier than a gin martini. Drive that makes Tony Robbins look like a slacker. Yep. The hot genius I'm helping sell his DNA dating app has a plan: Scale the highest peak of Mount Nerd. Then ride off with his genetic Cinderella. I shouldn't fall for him. Even if Wes kisses like there's something dirty under that perfect tie. Even if he opens me up like no man has. Even if guarding my heart's getting harder each day. Because New York isn't Wes's mountain. I'm not his princess. And nothing this easy can last. From USA Today bestselling author Piper Lawson comes a slow-burn, opposites-attract romance about a hot nerd falling for the girl he could never have - with a little help from science. Easy Love is a stand-alone contemporary romance. MODERN LOVE SERIESEasy LoveDirty LoveTwisted LoveTRAVESTY SERIESSchooledStrippedSealedStyledSatisfactionWICKED SERIESGood GirlBad GirlWicked GirlPLAY SERIESPlayNSFWRise

Japan (Japanese title) イージーラブ 男女7人、欲望のポートレート. Mexico.

His way of working shifted between documentary and fiction when he followed seven men and women from Cologne on their search for a balance between emotional security and sensual fulfillment. In four months of shooting those protagonists acted as braver versions of themselves. "Easy Love" is the first single taken from the album of the same name."Easy Love" è il primo singolo tratto dall'album omonimo. Up next in 8.